Learn How Your Sheriff Could Stand Between You and Tyrant Dictators!

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“The people are the rightful masters of Congress, legislators and courts. It is our duty to fight those who would pervert it. There are so many traitors in our midst (for instance, the “COVID dictator governors”) and we must make them irrelevant.”  So spoke Sheriff Andrew Mack, the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (www.cspoa.og) at a meeting on Sept 30, 2020 of sheriffs, police officers, pastors, and attorneys fighting COVID orders.

“Mack knows what he’s talking about. He along with Sheriff Prinz of Arizona and others successfully took  a case of government overreach to the Supreme Court and won.  This is why he said, “I feel this is the most important meeting in America since the constitutional convention.”


  • Your local sheriff is in charge of enforcing the laws laid down by your state legislature, city or county councils, and executive orders made by your state’s governor. If you do not have a sheriff who knows the Constitution and adheres to it, you could end up at the mercy of tyrannical government officials.
  • One area where your local sheriff might end up playing a crucial role is if they roll out forced COVID-19 vaccinations. Were rules or laws enacted saying you must get vaccinated or be barred from various locations, your sheriff could refuse to enforce them.
  • Your sheriff should safeguard your Constitutional rights and protect your civil liberties against unlawful government overreach. Many, however, lack the proper training.
  • The purpose of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is to create a partnership between the people, the sheriff and the local law enforcement chiefs, to make sure county sheriffs are trained on Constitutional rights and their own role as guardians of the Constitution and protectors of civil liberties.
  • If enough people get involved, we can create Constitutional counties and take back America, county by county, one sheriff at a time. Eventually, all the police forces will be on the same page as well, and will no longer enforce unlawful, unconstitutional orders, whatever they might be.



At every officer’s swearing in ceremony, he/she takes an oath based on the 6th Article of the Constitution to protect individual liberty and God given rights.” Mack reports that the majority of over 3000 sheriffs nationwide  do not understand and uphold their duty to protect individual liberties.   


The Duties of the Sheriff:

  • Sheriffs work for the people
  • Sheriffs do not answer to anyone else.
  • The ONLY boss the Sheriff has are the PEOPLE—his constituents.

The Sheriff promises that he will protect their God Given Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Justice Scalia wrote the decision about government overreach that has great relevance now. The Constitution…

  • “Protects us from our own best intentions”
  • Protects us from well-meaning governors who are issuing mandates “for our safety and protection”
  • Protects us from wayward (unconstitutional) governors or mayors
  • Protects us from Tyrants

In 2020, the tyranny of good intentions is evident all over our country. No Sheriff has the duty to go along with “good intentions.”

The crisis of the day right now is fear-mongering, by:

  • Elected officials
  • Mainstream media
  • Big Tech censorship
  • Citizens activated as spies
  • Or what we call ‘Karen’ and ‘Ken.’

Mask mandates, social distancing, no singing, no bonding with loved ones in nursing homes or hospitals, limiting the size of gatherings, illegal and constitutional lockdowns, and preventing businesses from opening are not laws. They bestow NO DUTY to go along.

Sheriffs are sworn to protect individual rights of the citizens in their jurisdiction.

Sheriffs are sworn to protect pastors, church members, and business owners to pursue their God given liberties without undue harassment or arrest.

Covid Facts:

Infection fatality rate was downgraded by the WHO and CDC, in the spring 2020 to about the same as the flu. Flu infection mortality rate (overall) = 0.1%




Heart disease, smoking, and alcohol kill millions of people every year. If the problem were how many people are at risk of dying,  we should be attacking alcohol, smoking, obesity—all are preventable via education and other measures. And all increase Covid mortality.

But this is unconstitutional.

Action to Take:

Start a conversation with your Sheriff. Then ask: “Did you take an oath of office?”

Many sheriffs don’t remember taking it, but they all did. Mack states: “I have a lawful and moral obligation to uphold and align with God’s law. No other manmade law can nullify the Constitution in any way.”

Then ask: “Will you uphold your oath? Will you protect my rights? Because that’s why we voted you into office to do.”

Educate Yourself on the Constitution:

The simple solution to all of this is an educated constituency who refuses to comply with unconstitutional laws. Kriss Anne Hall, attorney and Constitutional Scholar, points out that anything that is contrary to the Constitution is null and void.


  1. Make sure your local Sheriff is aware of Sheriff Mack (www.cspoa.org)
  2. Remind them of their Constitutional duties.
  3. Educate yourself on the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Sheriff’s Article 6
  4. Be part of the solution. Engage in peaceful non-compliance.

As AG Barr reminded the mayor of Washington, DC: “There are no pandemic exceptions to the constitution.”

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