Learn Vaccine Free Parenting With Larry Cook’s 12-Part MasterClass

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What if you could protect your child’s health without all the inherent risks associated with vaccination?

By Larry Cook
Stop Mandatory Vaccination

In 2015 I joined the Medical Freedom Movement after CA Senator Richard Pan introduced SB277, a horrendous vaccine mandate bill for children (which ultimately became law). Shortly thereafter I launched my brand, Stop Mandatory Vaccination, which included a website, a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page, among other things, like video interviews (Facebook banned my Group and Page in November 2020). After several years of working to educate parents why and how to confidently go 100% vaccine free – with my Facebook Group being a hub where parents could ask questions, get answers, and then become confident in their vaccine free choices – I decided to create a step-by-step course for parents based on everything I had learned AND based on what parents in my group said they wanted to know (through surveys I created).

To that end, I put an entire year into formulating a 12-part in-depth course that would take parents through a sequential learning process to help them truly understand why natural immunity is superior to vaccination, learn the untold history of vaccination, and why the vaccination process itself is not only extremely dangerous, but doesn’t even work as claimed.

In fact, one of the most important things I learned from running my popular Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group for nearly six years culminating with over 200,000 members before being shut down by Facebook is that parents who have vaccine free and vaccinated children share the exact same story: their vaccine free children reach milestones sooner, get sick less often, get over illness faster, do not suffer from chronic health ailments, do not have serious health issues like seizures and autism, and are far healthier when compared to their vaccinated siblings. WOW!

This was a huge eye opener for me and explains why the CDC continues to refuse to run a vax vs unvax health outcomes study while the few independent vax vs unvax studies that have been done come to the same conclusion: the unvaccinated are far healthier than the vaccinated, in every imaginable category. If parents were to learn of just this one fact they would stop vaccinating, and that truly scares the CDC, the liability-free vaccine industry and the entire medical mafia that profits from poisoning our children, and this also explains why censorship is rampant in our society and social media.

Many medical freedom activists teach about vaccine injury, and though that is certainly important to understand, I begin my course with an explanation as to the differences between natural immunity and vaccination, and go from there. I believe that this is the crucial first bit of understanding that is needed for every parent to truly understand, because once it is truly understood, everything else “falls into place” after that (including vaccine injury, vaccine induced death and the nonsensical “herd immunity” arguments used to justify vaccine mandates).

Here are the 12 Lessons in my free course:

The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass


  1. Natural Immunity Versus Vaccination
  2. What Really Saved Us From Disease?
  3. Vaccine Efficacy Failure
  4. Vaccine Safety Fraud
  5. Vaccine “Science,” Cover-Up and Manipulation
  6. Vaccine Injury Is Everywhere
  7. A Healthy Family Is Your Child’s Best Defense
  8. Don’t Panic When Your Child Gets Sick
  9. The “Vaccine Preventable Illnesses” Explained
  10. Staying Vaccine Free In A Hostile World
  11. Vaccine Injury Treatment and Recovery
  12. Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

Several medical freedom experts reviewed my course and provided invaluable feedback and additional content. Furthermore, I include numerous video interviews that I produced along with many dozens of links to external resources for further education.

“The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass is every parent’s answer to how to raise healthy children without injecting them with poisons.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Larry for more than a dozen years, and when he asked me to participate in this project, I was thrilled.

The material he has come up with will provide you with everything you need. First there is discussion of the true science and process of vaccinations, from their toxic ingredients to their complete lack of efficacy. Most important, however, are the instructions for what to do once you realize that vaccinations won’t make your child healthy.

Before retiring as a Naturopath and Acupuncturist, I found that nutrition and the proper amounts of the essential nutrients are crucial for the proper functioning of our immune systems. It is a proper functioning immune system, by the way, that makes vaccinations obsolete.

I was thrilled to be able to contribute my many years experience as a scientist, researcher, and especially a nutritional, holistic clinician helping parents raise vaccine free children to assist in this project.”

~ Dr. Arlan Cage, ND

I do believe that any parent who goes through my course will not only decide to never ever vaccinate, but will also know WHY to not vaccinate and be able to clearly explain that WHY to friends, family, school authorities, doctors, etc. I even explain how to say NO to the bully doctors who make insane bonuses through the vaccination program!

The course is free and online, and you can access it right here:


Even if you are not yet ready to take the course or you are not a parent, please click over and bookmark the website so you have quick and easy access to it for future reference!

May our children grow up without being poisoned by callous doctors who refuse to believe parents when children are injured and killed by the very vaccines they injected into those children.

There is a better way: go vaccine free, and my course explains exactly how and why!

Larry Cook
Stop Mandatory Vaccination
[email protected]
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/larrydcook

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