LIN WOOD: The Global Elite Traffic, Rape, Torture and Murder Children!!!

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For God sakes! Send this video tape. Send it to Hollywood. Hey, Clay. Send it to the House of Windsor. Hey, Clay. Send it to Bill Gates. Send it to the damn Illuminati. Let them hear the truth, and whatever they do today, I don’t fear them at all. Send it to the Vatican. Send it to the politicians, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the Bushes. Send it to those people, because they are involved in child sex trafficking. Let’s tell the truth to America!

We live in a time. We live in a time where it’s difficult to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Who’s dead and who’s alive, who’s alive and who’s dead, who’s an enemy and who’s an ally. Who’s using us for money, or who’s using us for God’s work. Have Discernment, I do. Ask God and he’ll give it to you.

“Send it to the Pope!”

If the Pope is still alive!

When you send it to the Pope, don’t ask him to pay for it, because I don’t think he’s got much money these days.

Let the truth pour down on this country. Fill this auditorium with the truth tonight. Their days are numbered. Because almighty God has had enough. I’ve said to you that this was the second harvest God’s going to bring people to. It’s also been described as The Great Awakening, because you’re getting ready to learn that God is real. That’s the second harvest.

But you’re going to be awakened to this fact, that just as God is real, the devil is real. And the devil’s children are going to be exposed. Every lie will be revealed. They’re killing our children. Send them to jail. Put them in front of the firing squad. They are committing acts against humanity. The penalty for an act against humanity is death. Take them out!

To every little child that is suffering and suffering tonight. To every little child that doesn’t know how to get home. For every little child that goes to bed tonight after being tortured and abused, and just wants to see their mom and dad, their family. You fight for those children. Don’t you ever quit fighting for those little children. Because this is America. This is America.

Videotaped at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, OK on 4/17/2021.

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