Masks Must Not Be Mandatory – Here’s The Science!

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Hey people as a lot of people already know,  following on from making masks mandatory on public transport, masks are being made mandatory in shops from the 24th July. My concern is what next? Will they make them mandatory when gyms reopen? What about parks and other public spaces. Will we eventually be wearing masks every time we step out of the front door? The government have themselves stated that it is all in anticipation of a potential deadly “winter wave” Well then shouldn’t we question whether this is simply to prepare us for more draconian measures in the future.

Let’s look at the science behind masks. They claim that it is not to protect us but to protect others. Firstly the masks they are recommending us to wear are not surgical or N95 masks but simply homemade masks or cloth masks. There is no evidence that this is effective in reducing the spread of virus particles. You can wear a bandana across your face and it will pass off as a mask!

Secondly masks themselves suppress your immune system through breathing in less oxygen. It may not seem as such a big deal now as you flit in and out of stores, but what about when they make it mandatory in gyms. Is it healthy to wear a mask while your running on a treadmill? Where your body needs even more oxygen than normal! Would you want your children to wear masks in school for hours on end?? Suppressing the supply of oxygen to the brain in the process? If we comply now they are simply going to introduce more and more stricter measures.

Thirdly masks are dehumanising and a token of submission. Where’s the joy in the world if you can’t see another person smile, where we are constantly being reminded that we are living in times of fear and death. Isn’t this the time to raise our vibrations and not feed in to the low vibration negative mindset. We are born to speak our truth and speak our hearts. Masks are a symbol of silence.

If the government cared so much about protecting others then they are various other measures that can be taken.

Why haven’t they closed down the purchase and stockpiling of highly processed junk foods such as sugary carbs and Coca Cola that is responsible for killing millions worldwide every year through inducing heart disease and cancer. Why are fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King still open that are responsible for propagating our global health crises?

Why haven’t they banned excess drinking in pubs as it is known that too much drinking poses a risk of violence which can put other people’s lives at risk.

Why haven’t they banned smoking when they know that second hand smoking indirectly puts others in proximity to you at risk and can lead to lung cancer.

Why don’t they ban public transport and all cars altogether and make people walk and cycle everywhere when it is known that traffic increases air pollution which overwhelms the NHS long term and can lead to chronic lung diseases. It also cuts down the risk of accidents greatly

Everywhere we go there is risk. It is insanity to assume that wearing masks makes other people feel safe when there is little evidence that the masks we are currently using are even preventing transmission. It also implies that everyone is a disease carrying virus. There are many more things in the world that are FAR FAR more likely to kill someone than someone not wearing a mask especially for a disease that is deadly for less than 1% for those who show symptoms let alone for those who are infected. All we are doing is perpetuating fear, making everyone feel there’s a deadly disease out there we need to run away from and killing our social connections with others by hiding our emotions behind a mask.

Say no to the mask!

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  1. So if we don’t want to wear a mask in a specific place that requires it, do they have the right to kick us out? Or is there a law, or something in the Constitution that we can vocally hold against them?

  2. I don’t know where your from but from 24th July in the U.K. they are making masks mandatory in shops. They are planning to use police to enforce it and give shopkeepers the power to refuse you entry. I do feel they are bypassing constitutional human rights and we can fight it using the law. We have had shops open for a month with no real spike in cases and death trending downwards so don’t really understand these new measures

  3. One has to wonder why they keep doing these studies only to be ignored. Kind of weird to pretend your health policies are based on medical science, while ignoring the actual science in favor of “symbolism.” That is religion, not science. So the first amendment has been totally trashed, all-in-one fake disease. No state established religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, etc. etc.

    1. I suggest we should get together and start protesting against mask mandates. Here in London they are now compulsory in shops. If we don’t resist now they will be compulsory everywhere. We can send fliers through our neighbourhoods or get people to sign petitions

  4. I’m in the Uk. I will wear a mask but I’ve cut a slit right across the middle so I can breathe freely. I’ve also thought of taking an umbrella in the shops and walking round with it up, in case it rains while I’m indoors. Just to make a point of how crazy it is. Shopkeepers will not be required to wear masks. And the virus is so deadly that it doesn’t affect the staff!

    1. You have got to wonder why shopkeepers and people with health problems are exempt from wearing the mask. Is it because they know masks are unhealthy and if you have underlying health conditions will only make things worse. It’s all abit fishy to me