STOP THE SHEDDING: The Truth About Vaxx Shedding and How to Protect Yourself

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The Truth About Vaxx Shedding and How to Protect Yourself

A personal note from Dr. Henry Ealy…

I’m writing to you to calm any fears you have about the new C0V!D variants with documented proof about the real risks of shedding from the C0V!D shots.

The one thing we cannot do is live our lives in fear of people and worry…

“Did this person get the SHOT?”

“Or did this person NOT get the shot for this reason?”

One… It will drive you insane.

And Two… Not everybody that got the shot is genetically modified.

Years of constant C0V!D stress are ruining people’s families and lives.

If you or your family have severely suffered with prolonged C0V!D sickness and had a severe injury or deaths from it, I offer my sincere condolences.

Now, there’s a new worry.

C0V!D XBB.1.5 cases have jumped to 27% from December to January, 2023. 

XBB.1.5 symptoms can range from shortness of breath to serious complications from dangerously low oxygen levels that require emergency medical attention.

If you haven’t had C0V!D as yet, or had a mild case – chances are you may get it. 

So many people tell me they are worried about shedding.

As a Doctor: I’m often asked this question:

“What are my health risks if I work with someone or a person in my family is VAXXED?”

My reply is: “Shedding from the mRA in the VAXX – is REAL.”

There are medical studies to prove it.

People respond to shedding differently.

Some have mild flu-like symptoms, and others have on-going symptoms.

And some people struggle with serious symptoms post exposure.

Sadly, other people’s health is devastated with VAXX-related injuries.

TheUn-VAXXED are getting sick.

Your immune system has been suffering from years of C0V!D-related stress. You’re hit with money problems caused by out-of-control inflation and job worries.

You need help and that’s why I’m here.

I want to share with you the medical truth you need to know.

There’s effective treatment protocols with natural methods for successfully treating C0V!D, LONG C0V!D, and vaccine-related injuries.

But, they’ve been removed from YouTube, and Facebook and ruthlessly “fact-checked.”

I’m writing to you because I’m fed up with the out-of-control censorship!

You can’t get access to the vital information to protect yourself from VAXX shedding and the new Variant XBB.1.5. It’s removed from web searches as fast as it is posted.



I wanted to personally send you the latest C0V!D treatments and spike protein protocols. That’s why I was interviewed by Jonathan Otto for his latest ebook:

The Truth About Vaxx Shedding and How to Protect Yourself Now

You’ll read the rest of the personal interviews from Dr. Henry Ealy, Priscella Romans and Sayer Ji discussing the latest C0V!D Treatment Protocolsfor VAXX Injuries and C0V!D Prevention.

Read about my opinion on the risks of shedding, and how to handle working closely with someonewho is VAXXED… or what to do if someone in your family is VAXXED.

How to avoid getting sick with LONG C0V!D and the new “XBB.1.5” variant.

Get my recommendations for natural medications to boost your immune system.

Next, Priscella Romans covers what to do if you need surgery and are worried about a blood transfusion. She talks about the lack of filtering of the transfusion blood supply and what you need to talk to your doctor about before a medical procedure. 

Then, Sayer Ji, the founder of Green Med Info, talks about how shedding affects every human alive and his protocols for overcoming shedding effects by working with your body’s natural processes to avoid sickness and still live an active lifestyle.

Download the ebook…

And you’ll get to read about the Essential Nutrients to Reverse Shedding Symptoms and Protect Your Body from Post Exposure.

Plus, you’ll get the C0V!D treatment protocols you need and the  amounts to take of Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, Quercetin Vitamin D, Melatonin, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

How to take N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), the body’s natural detoxifier.

You’ll read about Alpha Lipoic Acid and EDTA, the two supplementsDr. Bryan Ardis recommends and how each one works to eliminate toxic spike proteins.

Dr. Bryan Ardis talks about supplementing with Selenium and how it produces Glutathione which destroys the venom peptides found in the VAXX!

It’s time you found out the truth about VAXX Shedding, so you can avoid getting LONG C0V!D. It’s vital you read about the inexpensive natural medicines our Health Experts and Medical Doctors want to share with you.

You’ll want to get the rest of the informative interviews so you know what Priscilla Romans and Sayer Ji recommend for your VAXX shedding treatment protocol too.

You know you want to read what’s inside the ebook… Click the link below to download the ebook and you can be reading the book in just minutes from now.

Download your FREE copy of STOP THE SHEDDING: The Truth About Vaxx Shedding and How to Protect Yourself now

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