The True (Evil) Purpose of Vaccination by Rudolph Steiner

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More than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote the following:

“In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.

To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life. He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.

With such a vaccine, you can easily make the etheric body loose in the physical body. Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton, for the physical body of man must be polished on this Earth by spiritual will. So, the vaccine becomes a kind of arymanique force; man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling. He becomes materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual.”

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

NOTE: I tried to find the original source. If you know, please comment below.

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  1. I just got into a discussion with someone who says he is a priest on Facebook who declares that the Moderna vaccine is ethically okay. I disagreed and said that it is not ethically okay since it uses aborted fetal cells. He said I was wrong.
    As a Catholic myself, I object to any vaccines that use aborted fetal cells in their production.

  2. A Future Vaccine to Prevent Knowledge of Soul and Spirit
    From The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (Bristol: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1993; GA 177), p. 85.
    October 7, 1917
    “The time will come-

    1. I’ve been searching all over the web to find the source with no luck. I do not see the quote referenced here in Lecture 13. Perhaps the wording is different because I haven’t read the lecture myself yet but used the key word search function through the web browser and still do not see the quote.