This Powerful Detox Spray Is Now A Must Have

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Upon my recommendation, Jess Wiler recently tried Pure Body Extra detox spray by Touchstone Essentials and within one week she noticed more mental clarity and increased energy. The zeolite mineral inside Pure Body Extra is mined from the earth, cleaned, remineralized, nano-sized, and then suspended into water molecules using sonic technology so that it can travel everywhere throughout the body and exchange a mineral ion for a heavy metal ion, which is then “caged” and escorted out of the body in 4 to 6 hours. Hence, why many people notice such drastic improvements in a short amount of time!

Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra is great for brain and neurological detox. Everyone needs to detox! When you subscribe to a monthly shipment, you’ll get a $50 discount on your first order and you’ll lock in a 20% off member discount and free shipping (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ) every month after that.

For order information, lots of real world user experiences and why this heavy metal detox is so powerful, visit Jessica’s Distributor Page I set up for her right here:

Want to be a Pure Body Extra distributor yourself and offer your friends and family $50 off on their first bottle? Find out how right here:

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