We need to create our own Government 

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Going by the current government measures and the way they have handled our health crisis it is more than obvious to any one that they are not in the position to run a country. We are now living in a nation that is filler with panic and fear and full with misinformation and on a very negative vibration. It is about time that we become self governing individuals independent of existing authority structures and start living in our own vibration.

     We are creatures of nature and need to live by nature’s laws not arbitrary man made laws based on little scientific evidence. We need to educate ourselves on how to live a healthy lifestyle, the importance of vitamins and minerals, being in sunlight as well as staying active and occupied.

   We have been given everything we require as well as an intelligent brain to help us survive. We need to find alternative ways to create our own income, whether that be by living off the grid or whether that be by starting our own business. This sounds like a daunting prospect but nothing worthwhile has ever come easy. 

  Man is inherently good. It is being governed by authority, following social norms, peer pressure, lack of direction as well as unhealthy lifestyles that is responsible for the lack of clarity in our lives and the various social ills that are plaguing our society. Our intuition will always guide us in the right direction. We need to listen to it and follow our truth

Viruses, diseases and infections thrive in environments with low vibrations. People are currently at an extremely low vibration; fearful, anxious, hating and snitching on each other. This is a spiritual disease inflicted on us by our corrupt governments and media.

We need to take back control and realise that only us and us alone are responsible for our lives. We need to educate ourselves, do the right research and then make decisions. We are our biggest authority. We all NEED to become LEADERS powerful in our own right and then we will have no need for a government 

Jas Kailey

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