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Most people are asleep. The vast majority. They think they are awake. They think they know the truth. But they do not. The movie The Matrix dived deep into this very topic – and very specifically, about an all-controlling all-encompassing web that controls our daily lives, without ever knowing it. It’s a cult classic because it resonates so well with those who are AWAKE.

We are in an information war and an INVISIBLE WAR with an INVISIBLE ENEMY that would turn each and every one of us into a submissive slave with literally zero rights whatsoever. What might that look like? Just look to Communist China and their torture camps that hold millions of people who do not comply.

The problem with the asleep is that they think we have already won our freedom and that everything they are told by fake news media is the truth. They cannot comprehend that evil is always looking to enslave – that EVIL has been on the planet for tens of thousands of years. And currently controls our nations from behind the scenes.

Jesus has said that the TRUTH shall set us free. This is, after all, a spiritual war between Good and Evil, and people often will do better, when they have the truth. But, the truth is also difficult to see, and difficult to digest once it is presented.

The Qanon movement is misunderstood by many in the medical freedom movement. The Q movement is about 1) putting all of the pieces together as to who did what to whom and how the Evil runs the planet (what is now called the Deep State), and 2) to disseminate this information to the masses to WAKE THEM UP. I have seen crazy chatter about the idea that Q people believe that Q or President Trump is a “savior” or that Q just wants people to sit back and “enjoy the show” and do nothing. These pontifications are from people who do not follow Q and could care less to figure out who or what Q is. Fake news.

No. The Q movement is similar to the anti-vaccine movement: we are here to wake up the masses. On one side we have political corruption and on the other side we have Pharma corruption. But, if you go behind the two, you wind up at the same doorstep: the Deep State.

The Deep State is that (all encompassing) controlling influence that would destroy our children through vaccination, destroy humanity through all other means, and usher in a one world government and police state for total Luciferian domination of every Child of God.

The time to speak up is now. The time to share on social media is now. The time to make new friends and expand your audience and influence and reach on Facebook is now. The time to make public posts is now. The time to learn what *really* is going on – all the way to satanic child sacrifice – is now. You either speak up now, speak up often, reach more people and help wake up humanity, or accept the fate and accept the Luciferian agenda: you are a slave.

The writing is on the wall. Mandatory masks with fines and jail time? Really? For health? Really?

Friends, this is just the beginning, not the ending. Contact tracing is next. And then mandatory COVID vaccination is next. And then the destruction of our ability to discuss these topics is next (censorship and jail time). You must #KnowThePlan – if you do not know the plan, you cannot fight it. Share truth. Share it often. WHILE YOU CAN. Think of this as a race against a tidal wave – you must RUN to get to that hill. We can no longer play in the sand.

Finally, PRAY. Why did they shutter churches and singing? Prayer in groups creates exponential potential for Divine Intervention. You may not know this, but the Evildoers absolutely know this. There is a reason to everything they do. This is, first and foremost, a spiritual war. Your daily prayers are required – God and the angels cannot interfere in a free will Universe without the call – without the prayer. Make this a priority in your life.

Will you fight for your freedom? Will you pray for your freedom? Will you rise up and #BeBrave and focus your energy on saving our planet from the evildoers? I hope your answer is YES! We can do this, if we rise up together!


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  1. Wow. It’s amazing. I first learnt it about Dr. Suzanne Humphries, then Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, then Tye & Charlene Bollinger, now about Larry Cook… The bravest & most vocal fighters for the truth are once again – followers of Jesus.



  2. Do you know what I was literally thinking today .. what can I do .. what should I do .. time really is of the essence here .. this article came to me just at the right time .. when I try to explain to people we are never going back to ‘normal’ they just can’t get their head around it .. and yes its very consuming but I can’t just sit back and let their plan happen .. thank you Larry <3 Love and light .. if there is to be light there must be dark .. we have lived in darkness for long enough .. light is coming and it cannot be stopped .. they have tried too much too soon and their plan is going to backfire .. time to create a new and better world !

  3. I have been following Q for about 3 months now. My brothers in Germany told me about X22 report. I watch it daily. Ikeep track of the Q drops on Telegram. and follow them up and check it out. I agree it is a movement. Also Larry have you heard of Kim Clement? He died in Nov 2016. he predicted back in 1996 and onwards that Trump (The trumpet) would become president. Also he predicted Trump would have a 2nd term. (I AM praying it is true) I never cared for Trump before (sorry)

  4. Blessings Larry. It was an honor for me to meet you at the Health & Freedom Conference. Your analysis of where we are in human history should be heeded by all worldwide. As you succinctly pointed out from Scripture, God Almighty’s veracity will indeed “ set us free “. It begins with faith alone, in Christ alone. He is God, He is Lord, and He is Savior- Every human soul was paid for by Jesus at Calvary’s cross. As you mentioned, free will or volition is the issue, i.e., “ What think ye of Christ ?” We cannot fight spiritual beings until we are first equipped to do so by God the Holy Spirit; that takes place at the moment of salvation, i.e., putting our complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. From that point we receive the supernatural ability to learn truth, apply truth, and to be guided by truth from God the Holy Spirit who now lives inside us, e.g. I Corinthians 3:16-23; 6:19-20. We begin the journey as a truth seeker, follower, and doer. God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s Plan will lead us into the spiritual battle where He will win the victories…and He will be honored and glorified!!! It is our great blessing to be His children and to be given all we need in order to serve Him, e.g. Ephesians 6:10-18; Matthew 6:31-34.
    I will continue to pray as you mentioned Larry, thus releasing God and His angelic army to minister to us according to God’s perfect plan for our lives- We’ve been purchased out of the slave market of sin, our lives as followers of Jesus Christ now belong to Him. May His will be done and not our own!! His name be praised; all glory, honor, and dominion belong to God our Father, in the name of Jesus His Son, through the power and wisdom of God the Holy Spirit…Amen and Amen ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️